Why Choose ARS?

(ARS) Account Recovery Services, Inc. separates itself from the competition in many ways, whether it be improved recovery rates, client praise, extremely low complaint generation, or simply providing our clients and customers better overall collection experiences.We realize that businesses have many choices when it comes to picking a collection partner. It is our aim to make ARS the easy choice for your business.

Our Key Differences

ARS understands the needs of our clients and delivers the results they deserve. From our contingent fee structure (meaning we do not get paid until you do) to our client friendly approach, ARS is committed to exceptional client service and performance.

An important part of our commitment is to remain professional while never losing focus on our primary duty to collect on your accounts.

Some key differences are:

Our client friendly model means we work with you and never take an adversarial approach. Our Philosophy is that our clients have entrusted us with their accounts and by extension, their reputation and public image. Your business, or healthcare practice, is far too important to trust anybody less than the best.

Our recovery staff is well trained in collection laws, problem resolution, and customer/patient friendly billing practices. Your accounts will be treated with the same care as you would expect from your own personnel.

For our medical clients, all collectors and staff are HIPAA trained and knowledgeable of patient rights and protections.

Our team offers the experience and expertise needed to effectively handle the complex realm of medical accounts, including attorney lien negotiations and insurance follow-up.

Our bi-lingual collectors help bridge the communication gap that may exist with many accounts. Also, our bi-lingual team is well versed in all service areas (EBO, medical and HIPAA, and general collections).

While our focus is on healthcare accounts, we serve a diversified portfolio of clients from other industries including finance companies, apartment complexes, home-owners associations, accounting and legal firms.


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